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Dr. Jason T. Ramsay C. Psych

Owner/ Supervisor


• School: University of Toronto

• Licensed

Additional Credentials

• Ontario Psychological Association

• University of Toronto / Doctorate Ph. D

Treatment Approach /Types of Therapy

• Acceptance and Commitment (ACT)

• Clinical Supervision and Licensed Supervisors - 

• Cognitive Behavioural (CBT)

• Dialectical (DBT)

• Existential

• Mindfulness-Based (MBCT)

• Psychodynamic

• Trauma Focused


A Psychologist is licensed to practice because he or she holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology PhD, PsyD or EdD. This is one of the highest levels of education of any health care professionals. We can evaluate a person’s mental health because we are extensively trained and have the clinical skills to administer and interpret psychological tests. We also do academic research within the profession. We can also test people’s core strengths such as cognitive strengths weakness, aptitudes, vocational ability, and or personality characteristics.

Psychologists can conduct clinical interviews, psychological evaluations, assessments and testing.

We are trained in ethics and abide to the standards and procedures set forth by the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

Psychologists can perform the controlled act of diagnosis. Following a diagnosis, we teach our clients effective coping strategies to promote positivity and a healthier outlook.


I work hard to help people to overcome or manage their problems using a multiplicity of evidence-based treatments and psychotherapy such as (CBT). I work within a range of illnesses, conditions and disorders. Not limited to anxiety, pain, complex trauma or mood disorders.

Sessions are one to one and consist of talk-therapy, such as in psychotherapy and work with a combination of therapy styles that fit a client’s preferences and unique characteristics.


A psychologist can help with mental health counselling. If someone is experiencing drastic changes in mood, emotional distress, thoughts or behaviours or issues that cannot be managed alone and are interfering with daily life, it may be time to seek help.  We can help people learn how to overcome illness, addiction, anxiety, depression, and further identify why a person may be behaving in a certain way, through testing, evaluations.



Believing in your own mental health and finding joy is more important than fearing what others think. You are not alone!!

I assess and treat complex trauma and work with motor vehicle accident victims, injured workers (WSIB), first responders and veterans. I specialize in medical-legal, psych-vocational, LTD and catastrophic determination assessment. I provide assessment and treatment in St. Catharines and assessment only in Hamilton and the GTA from Vaughan to London.

    I am an adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University Health Sciences as well as an Executive member of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Psychological Association. I am an enthusiastic sharer of information about psychology and offer in-service consultations, workshops, seminars and lectures. I was born and raised in Niagara..

    I specialize in the assessment and treatment of adults. I provide a full range of assessments including medlegal assessment. I provide psychological treatment for survivors of trauma including workplace and motor vehicle accidents, including work -related psychological injuries, abuse, bullying and life transitions.

    Meet the Team

    Ms. Robin Dhaliwal, MSc, Registered Psychotherapist

    Our office is now taking in person appointments with  Robin Dhaliwal

    Robin Dhaliwal We all go through many different challenges and struggles in our lives. Often at times, we feel that we are stuck and are not being understood. It's difficult to make the first step to call someone, but once you do, there is a great sense of relief. I provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. Together, we will work through challenges, to help you realize your full potential, and growth. I use an eclectic approach in my treatment, and come from a culturally sensitive background in my work. I am very passionate about helping others. I also conduct psychological, vocational and psychoed assessments. I am a registered psychotherapist, and am also under the supervision of a registered psychologist. I have my Master's degree from Niagara University. I believe that we all have the potential to grow and heal from our life obstacles, and issues. I believe in the empowerment in all individuals.

    Ms. Esther Bouganim R.P.

    Esther Bouganim is a registered psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and the owner of Monarch Psychotherapy. She is also an Art Therapist and holds a Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia University. With over 15 years of clinical experience, Esther has worked with a variety of adult populations utilizing solution-focused interventions to address various concerns including trauma, anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships and life transitions. Esther approaches therapy with a trauma-informed lens and incorporates cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness-based approaches into her practice. Her priority is creating a safe and non-judgmental space in which she and her clients can collaborate to process emotions, develop coping tools, build resilience and promote mental wellbeing.

    Ms. April McCreary MSW, RSW
    Registered Social Worker (RSW)

    April is a Registered Social Worker (RSW) and obtained both her Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees from

    Wilfrid Laurier University before joining the NPW team in 2019. In the therapeutic relationship, April thinks of herself as an'agent of change' - someone who can help others to gain insight into their lives and problems and come up with their own solutions. She believes that many of the difficulties experienced in their present lives can be traced to their past, and she enjoys seeing individuals change their present and build a new future through healing their emotional wounds from long ago.

    Ms. Cheryl Dianne DrakeHeart of the Matter
    Registered Psychotherapist, MA, BA, BEd

    I use research-based knowledge, concepts, and strategies to help you make sense of your experiences. I can help you develop strategies and coping skills to alleviate distressing symptoms. And, I can help you develop insights and perspectives, as well as the self-awareness and self-worth you need, to help you get to the heart of the matter.

    Adrienne Incaviglia, B.A

    Adrienne   grew up in the Niagara Region. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts, from Brock University in St. Catharines. She subsequently went on to work in Design at a renowned Fabric house in Toronto for 12 years. Moving to Hamilton, Adrienne joined Ramsay & Associates in 2017. She has taken on a variety of tasks within the practice. Adrienne works closely with Dr. Ramsay and the team of psychotherapists. She is the first contact for people when they call the clinic. She coordinates all the intakes into the office (virtual at the moment). Adrienne manages all aspects of administrative work. She is responsible for all incoming calls, screening, managing the website and  operations and operating platform software. She is responsible for scheduling and managing Dr.Ramsay’s appointments, schedule and new intakes. Adrienne is frequently on the phone with WSIB or other insurers and lawyers relating to MVA cases and or assisting clients. In addition, she routinely assists Dr. Jason Ramsay prepare medical legal documents, complete OCF-18 forms for SABS cases, and medical legal assessment reports for TORT cases. She is responsible for all accounting, invoicing technical support and management for Ramsay & Associates. In December 2021, she will have completed a Counselling certificate from Mohawk College.